Best Buy Prepares for Digital TV Conversion

YeOldeTechy received an email today from Best Buy.

They are preparing for the conversion of television to digital in the following ways:


-Beginning in early 2006, Best Buy began providing consumers with in-store and online information about the DTV broadcast transition including brochures and a dedicated page at

-In October 2007, Best Buy was the first CE retailer to exit the analog business, pulling all analog tuner products from store shelves.

-Best Buy has launched a dedicated hotline – 877-BBY-DTV9 – where consumers can call and speak with a trained home theater specialist to ask questions about the DTV transition and to learn about their options to get ready for the switch.

-Customers will also be able to redeem their DTV coupons and order converter boxes through this hotline if they are unable to get to a Best Buy store.

-Best Buy store employees across the U.S. have received training on the DTV broadcast transition and the options available to consumers. Store employees in positions that are most likely to assist consumers with DTV broadcast transition inquiries have participated in an additional series of in-depth training sessions since June 2007.


Note: When I went to Best Buy about two months ago to inquire about their plans for the conversion, they helped me a lot (as did Radio Shack). I received an application form for the Converter that I could Fax in, and saw several really nice TV’s with digital tuners to, possibly, replace my 35 year old TV. Very cool.

Less than one year to go to digital…pass the word….if you or your friends use an antenna to receive your TV broadcasts, you will need to read my Blogs on this subject and take action.


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