LifeSize H.323 HD Videoconferencing System Demo

Times have changed.

Just a few years ago, TelBitConsulting was pushing the state-of-the art (and enduring the criticisms of those with limited vision) of IP videoconferencing from a trade show (TeleCon).

This video (8 minutes long) shows an interview between Matt Hamblen at ComputerWorld and Craig Malloy CEO of LifeSize. (The complete article is here.)

Before you leave this Blog.

Here is the great stuff (and they seem to be apologetic on the video of it…don’t apologize….this is how VC should be used….a useful tool that can be used from anywhere to anyone at anytime):

a. This is high definition videoconferencing over the public Internet. (Wow!)
b. The audio is terrific considering it is on the trade show floor (believe me I know how hard this is)
c. The lighting is less than perfect and the video quality is again terrific. (Lighting is not always going to be perfect…it is the collaboration that counts.)

With gas prices soaring and plane travel becoming more and more of a hassle….Telecommuting / TeleWork should be on the rise after years of wallowing. This technology (from any manufacturer) can be used, and should be used, to enable telecommuting!

The world needs to change….it is time.

I sure wish I could embed the video……oh well, I’ll see if it is on YouTube and update this if I find it.


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