Netbriefings Proclaim Works with WordPress

I received an email from Netbriefings announcing that Proclaim (which I think is terrific) now allows a blogger using WordPress technology (this blog is not, as far as I know) to very easily record a Proclaim video/audio and presentation stream, save it, and post it on a blog.
Jeanneane Kloss from Netbriefings set me up with a demo account and walked me thru a recording session (see the above snapshot). Within two minutes we had a Proclaim recording on a blog!! Easy as 3.14.

This is very cool and very powerful. Extremely easy to accomplish.

As you know, I like to embed video’s from YouTube to help explain concepts that are easier to see than read. I also embed photos from Adobe PhotoShop Express. I would dearly love to embed a Proclaim presentation on this blog. I can’t do that yet, but, I’m sure that will happen.

Netbriefings has done a great job integrating streaming and blog technologies while keeping Proclaim intuitive and easy-to-use.


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