Personal Telepresence – The Original

With all the hoopla about “Personal Telepresence”, I dug up this 1994 video segment showing our “Personal Telepresence” concept of 1992 (see this link for the original abstract (or this newer link).

This video is using the CLI Cameo which was the very first desktop videoconferencing system….enjoy.  By the way, we are the ones who coined the term: Personal Telepresence way back in 1990.

21 thoughts on “Personal Telepresence – The Original

    1. They used to be radio DJ’s in Sacramento. Paul and Phil. In this job they were “The Answer Guys” in the Discovery Channels “The Next Step” program (little did they know how far that next step would be!). Well they broke up in 2006 ( and Paul is now on Sacramento’s Fox40 in the morning (,0,7978596.story). I think Phil is still on the radio. These guys were awesome. The whole day….NO SCRIPTS. They talked to us about our concept, understood it instantly, then WINGED the whole segment. There is more to the segment, but, not much more. It took the whole day, and was very educational.

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