Telepresence Forum

I hopped on a new forum today, this one dedicated to the world of “Telepresence”.

Verrrrry interrrresssssting.

The Telepresence Forum.

I’ve already posted our version of “Personal Telepresence” and plan to visit that forum a lot more in the future.

For the record, even though personal telepresence is being re-defined by marketing $, here is what we originally defined it as:

“Personal Telepresence is an interactive multimedia tool that allows individuals or groups to, affordably, meet with remotely located individuals or groups–from their desktop–as if they were all in the same location. A Personal Telepresence workstation would include telephony, computer, desktop videoconferencing, groupware, and graphics capability on a single platform.

The user interface presented will allow natural, face-to-face interaction between all those involved in `virtual’ meeting, classroom, office or manufacturing problem solving sessions. Files could be opened and placed on a virtual `conference table’ where changes could be made interactively by any or all the `meeting’ participants. `Copies’ of the files can be made, `stapled’ together, and given to each of the attendees. The desktop would include a `whiteboard’ for brainstorming sessions and a `projector screen’ to display movies, video mail, and/or the results of a simulation program. “

In short: Our PT included video and data collaboration and was meant to be affordable for anyone / everyone.


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