Apple IPod Transfer — A quick test

Just trying something….this was Kristen’s idea to see if we could download the contents of the Apple IPod to a “random” computer.

Can we? Let’s give it a try….

The first thing we did was plug in Kristen’s old IPod (she now has a brand spanking new IPod Classic 80 gig so she can fit in all the great country songs of the world (see pic at top)).

After about 30 seconds, we see this:

Ah….We can purchase something on the iPod (i.e. suppose we had an iPod Touch which connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi) and it will be able to be downloaded to a computer.

Very cool.

You cannot, however, transfer the entire contents of the iPod to another computer. What happens if you buy a new computer? Do you have to reload all the CD’s? Don’t know.

Hmmmmm, I need to “authorize this computer”.

What does that entail? Let’s find out…

First, I see that there are 5 items in question. How did she get those????? Oh well….

We found the “Authorize this Computer” menu option and clicked on that.
This popped up:

OK…I need an Apple ID….since I do not have one, and it probably won’t work if I got one, Kristen needs to enter her Apple ID and Password in my computer to be “authorized”. Simple.
HA….not so simple. You can load your Apple ID and Password on 5 computers and Kristen did not want to type in her ID and password in my computer…..oh well…gotta love her (teenagers…..arrrghhh).

I would assume that once a proper authorization was completed, I’d be the happy listener of Blake Shelton’s version of “Home”.


YeOldeTechy says: This is good. The protection software built into the IPod does not allow indiscriminant downloading of music to a random computer. Garth would love this.

Good job Apple…the writers of these songs, I’m sure appreciate this! I suspect that when we get the IPod Touch and download from iTunes, we would have no problem loading that song (or songs) onto our computer. I will try that…in another Blog entry.
YeOldeTechy however, for now, is without a “Home”……guess I will have to go buy it.

Or….I can hunt down Kristen’s old IPod… where is that?

Blake Shelton is great….here is his version of “Home”.


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