3G and cell phone video – an application

If you are faint of heart or easily offended…please turn to another page.

For the rest of you, this story in Time (remember this is not YeOldeTechy’s story, I am just passing along information) is interesting.

But I believe it is more interesting after you hear my short story about this particular topic.

Interesting Story

Way back in the mid-1990’s when Internet video was just a newborn infant I worked for a company called: Applied Business teleCommunications (ABC for short). Some of the old-timers in the videoconferencing industry will know them better as: TeleCon.

Needless to say, we were at the forefront of the VC industry and would, because of our expertise, field a lot of phone calls from people interested in learning more about the technology and how to use it.

The most intelligent questioning came from folks in the porn industry.

End of Story

The advent of mobile video, the burgeoning 3G (high speed data using a cell phone) networks in the US, and the allure of you know what…..there seems to be a new area of interest for that particular industry.

YeOldeTechy says: No matter what you may think….the folks who are part of that industry are leaders in new technology and are early adopters of technology that includes visual content.

Whew….I have done my part by imparting the information.

Also, to be absolutely fair, it is not just the iPhone…but any cell phone with a camera and 3G capability.


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