Save the Environment

I am starting a new post “Label” called “Save the Environment”.

Under this new label will go all the Telecommuting and some of the renewable energy articles I have posted recently.

It is time to become aware that the human race is harming the environment, endangering both animals and humans alike (we are animals….). The earth will survive. However, the earth may change drastically (possibly eliminating the culprit in the process) before the damage we are doing to this planet is mitigated.

I am starting to investigate / research ways (other than telecommuting which few people seem to take seriously) to help save the environment. I will also spotlight people who are doing their best to help.

This is not a new turn in this blog since VC / Collaboration and Telecommuting (and many technologies) can help reduce emissions, save gas, reduce traffic, etc, just a new look at how we need to change our thinking.

I’ve said this before….time to Telecommute….now I will show you why this is important.

Thanks for reading!

Lets see…..hmmmmm, electric cars are cool. I hear if you have enough $$ that the Tesla is available….I’ll go investigate. Stay tuned….

By the way…the Altamont (Hills) between Tracy, CA (where I live) and Livermore, CA is dotted with thousands of windmills. The one at the front of this blog is one picture, here are two more.

Notice the new GREEN color of his Blog….


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