Trinity Global LLC Mobile Videoconferencing

I have recently (hmmm, for the past ten years) had the opportunity to be involved in the development of a new twist to an old technology.

Until now, videoconferencing has been tied to your desktop or to a conference room.

Not any more.

Now you can videoconference, with very high quality (much better than 3G), up to 25 miles from the closest Internet connection.

The applications for this new capability are limited by only your imagination.

Imagine meeting with a golf pro from the 18th hole, or a Professor in the middle of a vineyard showing how grapes mature, or you are an architect needing to communicate with a construction site, or a doctor helping a critically ill patient miles from a hospital….

For some great ideas or more information on how to implement this technology, call John Sachau, President of Trinity Global LLC,  at 732-925-2009, or visit Trinity Global LLC’s web site.  

In the meantime, watch the video I took of a meeting showing the value of mobile videoconferencing for Fire Departments.


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