Google Adds Videoconferencing to Gmail

Google announced yesterday (see this article from Bloomberg) the addition of videoconferencing capability to it’s Gmail service.  Bloomberg also says it is available to users of Google Apps.

Looks like I have some signing up to do!
I’ll give the VC over Google a try and review it here in a day or two…. says:  The way to go for VC is anywhere, anytime, by anyone.  Google appears to be taking a needed step in that direction. Bravo!
More:  Here is another article.   As it turns out, this application is the result of Google’s purchase of Marratech.  Marratech had some good stuff, but, I believe one reason they had a hard time was that they were ahead of the time.  We had Marratech exhibit at our last (so sad that it had to end) ESnet Workshop.


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