WordPress Support Review

Rating: 5 WaterTowers

Before Christmas, I noticed that I had lost column #2 of my main page Blog. On most individual pages I could see it, while on others, I could not. (This turned out to be a major hint, that I did not catch at the time).

Very odd.

Not expecting to hear back from a real person (and after I tried searching for this problem…at least as far as I understood it), I wrote to WordPress support then took a couple of days off for the Holiday (I should still be off, but, it was torture not being able to log on).  

I logged on early this morning and to my surprise (understand that I have been “trained” at other blog locations over the years to not hear back when I ask a question) saw an email response from Heather!

In that email, Heather explained that column #2 seemed to be being pushed down to the bottom of the blog, and gave me a URL that explains how to troubleshoot the problem.

I went to that URL and tried the first hint, and, much to my wonderment, I found the offending post!

If you want to see for yourself what happens, click on the posting “Comcast HDTV Cable Box Installation“.  Does column #2 (to your right) go away? What browser are you using? Apparently Firefox tries to fix the problem, IE does not care (no surprise there), and I noticed that Google Chrome also does not work.

It will take me awhile to figure out how to fix this, and, truthfully, I may just leave it! As a temporary fix, I adjusted the number of pages that show up when you visit the main page down to 4.  I will slowly adjust that back up to 10 as the Comcast posting moves further down the list.

The moral of this story is: I am soooo glad I moved my Blogs to WordPress! 🙂

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