VUDU Price Reduced


If you have not read my VUDU Review blog, now may be a good time.  

The basic VUDU unit (good enuf for me) is now selling for $149.00.  

Watching movies downloaded from the Internet has never been so easy and so enjoyable.  I gave VUDU 5 WaterTowers a year ago and only recently had to send it back (hey….I finally reminded them I had it, since they did say they would call me if they needed it back).

Not to worry, for $149.00 we are buying one (from Best Buy)!  It should be here in a day or two since, apparently, Tracy, CA is not the hot bed of activity for VUDU’s.  It should be!

I recommend VUDU to anyone reading this….you will not be disappointed.  

When I get it, I’ll post another review, as an update, and also post new schematics which include the Black Box Catalog HDMI 3 to 1 device I got for Christmas.  

Even though we have a Blu-Ray player now, I expect VUDU to be our primary movie watching mechanism.  One seemingly insignificant thing:  We miss searching for an actor or director to see when they were born…VUDU made that easy!

Have a nice weekend!  

I’m gonna take a few days off….and watch some movies!


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