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I was breezing thru some news and saw that Logitech plans to acquire Lifesize.  Well the world of videoconferencing just gets interestinger and interestinger.  The mergers continue…who will be next?

What do I think?  Lemme ponder this…….Logitech makes some great products, Lifesize is a leader in HD videoconferencing and is leading the SIP charge into the future.

OK, here goes….desktop videoconferencing (which I have been a proponent of since, hmmmm, well the very first product, the Cameo from CLI in 1992) may emerge stronger than ever (hear me cheer!  WhoooHoo!!).  See my recent Lifesize Desktop Review.   Cool super-HD Web Cams on the way?  SIP finally taking big time hold in the VC world?  HDVC in the home?

This URL has the text of the announcement, but, I took the liberty of copying it and printing it here:

To LifeSize’s customers and partners:

We’re delighted to announce that LifeSize will soon be joining Logitech.

Our two companies share a vision for the role of video in business and professional communication, believing that anywhere there is voice there should be video. That means offering a life-like, HD-video communication experience that is as seamless and mainstream as a telephone call – not just in the board room for a select few, but in any meeting room in the enterprise, as well as at one’s office desk or while telecommuting from home.

LifeSize started this journey with many of you more than five years ago. And together we have changed the landscape of workplace collaboration and built relationships with more than 9000 customers around the world.

It’s time to go farther. Logitech, the world leader in webcams and a pioneer in the development of PC-based video calling, is a natural fit for LifeSize – from a business, innovation and cultural perspective.

With Logitech’s backing, LifeSize will be able to scale more effectively to deliver technology solutions to more customers and partners around the world. And by closely collaborating on innovation, we believe that we can accelerate the realization of our vision.

Voice-only communication knows almost no boundaries. We believe Logitech and LifeSize  – in partnership with other leading technology companies – can drive innovation, price/performance and open standards so that the experience of visual communication is just as common and natural.

Together with our partners, we will continue to deliver standards-based, high-quality, flexible video-communication solutions that are scalable, secure and accessible to anyone, anywhere.

We are in the early stages of an important communication revolution and we will continue to set the pace of innovation for our customers and our partners. We look forward to making this journey together with you.


Craig Malloy,
CEO of LifeSize Communications

Gerald P. Quindlen,
President and CEO of Logitech


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