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I have lived through a lot of change, and it seems like change is happening now much more rapidly than in the past.

To keep up with technology, you have to be fast on your feet  and willing to accept new ideas.  Most people, as they age, stop at a certain point….I’ve seen videoconferencing companies die because they refused to adapt to change.

I will not stop…I refuse to stop..there is one thought that I have had for an hour now that is keeping me sane….

It occurred to me (about an hour ago) that the CONTENT is stable…it is only the delivery mechanism that changes.

Wisdom:  So when everything seems to move too fast, remember that really, truly, nothing is changing at all.

Lets look at several examples.

1. News / Information

In the old old days, people heard about the news by word of mouth, then paper,  the telegraph, then wireless via the radio, then TV, now the Internet (blogs, twitter, facebook, etc… )

The history may not be totally accurate, but, you get the idea:  News is still news.  Information is still information.

Only the transport mechanism, the delivery, has changed.

2. TV Shows ( for entertainment)

I’m a child of TV.  I grew up as this technology went from nothing, to black and white, to color, to high definition.

The sets themselves went from huge  heavy things that took minutes to warm up (tubes being what they were) to razor thin wall mounted intant on LCD, or now, LED HD sets that, truthfully, blow you away with the sound and video quality.  Now you can watch TV shows via your iPod (or other such device) via the Internet.

All along the way, the shows are still being shown.  “Sky King”, “Bonanza”, “Lost”, “Glee”, and my favorites “Survivor”, “Celebrity Apprentice”, “The Office, and most of all….”NCIS”.   I can still watch my baseball games, football games, or Kansas basketball.  Only the delivery mechanism has changed.

The CONTENT is constant.

3. Novels / Stories

Books are in the process of going away.  That makes me sad, but, I now understand that the CONTENT….the stories themselves (and the Authors who write the stories), are here to stay…until the human race disappears (and it will..).  Before my time is up, I may be reading books on a Nook (or other some such device) and buy them via….hmmm, the Internet.

But the stories will remain the same.

4. Country (or other some such) Music

I remember the momentous day when I got my first bright red transistor radio!  I ran next door immediately to show Tommy, Danny (was a baby) and Ginny.  Transistors were the new fangled kid in town and radios could now be carried around with you…amazing.  Radio has evolved to HD audio and satellite delivery, but, guess what?  The CONTENT is the same.

Likewise, for your car or home, 8 track tapes, audio cassete tapes, CD’s, and now the iPod like devices (and …..the Internet) have changed the way we listen to music, but, guess what?   The music, the CONTENT,  is still the same. (Maybe even better since George Strait is still singing, and Gary Allan, and Eric Church are up and coming).


I can moan and groan about the changing technology, but, after all is said and done…the CONTENT is constant…it is really only the delivery that changes.

What did I miss?  Human interaction (talking, telephone, videoconferencing, texting, ?), Going from one place to another (does this count as content?) (walking, horses, cars / trains / planes, teleportation?)

Disagree?  Comments?


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