iPhone Videoconferencing for Business?

Many of you are involved in the corporate world of videoconferencing.  I was just wondering if you would consider using the iPhone for business related videoconferencing calls?

Your comments or suggestions are welcome in the “other” section. 🙂

Would you use iPhone videoconferencing for business?Market Research


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  • I have no problem using phone videoconferencing in a business setting but I would rather use something a bit more “open” and platform agnostic. Just because Apple has a system that can call between Iphones doesn’t mean I’m going to rush out and buy on or force my customers to do so.
    Several years ago in Europe we routinely made v-calls and no one cared if you were at your desk, in one of our VTC centers or on your phone. If Apple opened up the protocol and/or allowed videoconferencing via 3G, I might change my answer but right now their solution is to restricted.