Google Dumps Wave

So maybe I am a late breaking blog?  How funny.  On that note:  Did anyone see the effects of the solar storm?  I did not.

Anyway….I was reading ComputerWorld online today and saw that Google has dropped WAVE.

No surprise there.

AltamontCowork member, Phil, and I played with it last year (when we finally got our coveted invitation to try it) and it was underwhelming to say the least.  I tried for about a week…..I mean, look, I really wanted it to be great stuff.

But….alas, no, it was not great stuff (at least to me).

I finally just stopped using it, and have not touched it since…

Seems like it was not great stuff for others too….but, hey…good try.

I’m more than willing to give something else a try.  I have an android phone (HTC Aria), a Nook, and am slowly migrating to the cloud using Google Docs, Calendar, Tasks, etc etc.

Google up!


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