Skype Multipoint Video Chat

When I tested Skype about a year ago, I lamented the fact that it was only point-to-point.  Well, as I had my attention turned to AltamontCowork (and surviving)…… this past May Skype apparently introduced 5 way videoconferencing (video chat), and today, they doubled that to 10 way (in Beta, see the announcement here)

Soooo, Skype is NOW a multipoint videoconferencing tool.  WhoooHooo.

’bout time.

If you want to grab the Beta version with 10 way video chat, go here for the Windows version.  There appear to be no other versions at this time (ie no Mac or Linux).


Videoconferencing:  Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone is progressing at a rapid pace.  Now, with Skype multipoint videoconferencing, for free, at your fingertips, videoconferencing is indeed at the cusp of the hockey stick….finally!

No need for fancy (high cost) rooms, fancy lighting, or the need to travel to a videoconferencing room (how stupid)….now you can videoconference from just about anywhere, to anyone, at anytime.  Cool.

Coworking locations can add a virtual member….hmmmm, 9 virtual members from anywhere in the world!


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