Participate in TeleWork Week

I got an email today from the TeleWork Exchange.

There will be a TeleWork Week in February that you and your company can pledge to participate in.  Here is a snippet of the email.

Pledge to telework during Telework Week, a nationwide effort to encourage agencies, organizations, and individuals to telework on February 14-18, 2011.

More than 3,600 people have already pledged to telework, saving more than $260,000 in commuting costs during Telework Week.

Contribute to Telework Week – visit to pledge today and learn more about cost savings, commuter, and environmental benefits of this important initiative. It’s free to pledge.

Go green, give your car a rest, and pledge to telework during Telework Week.

For more information and to pledge to telework, click here.

It is time to get off the roads!!!

Increase productivity, save money, save gas, reduce stress, help save the environment. There are so many positives to telecommuting / telework / coworking that it should be a NO BRAINER for those of us with jobs that are amenable to remote work.  But remember this: telecommuting / telework / coworking  is NOT a privilege or gift to the employee….it benefits both the employer and employee so both should be equally interested in implementing telecommuting / telework / coworking.

And the technology to virtually be at work is here and super easy to implement.  Video conferencing, video chat, video call, whatever you choose to call it, your OFB (Old Fashioned Boss) can now see the whites of your eyes right on his or her desk no matter where you are working.  At home, at Starbucks, at the airport, at the library, or at your local coworking location.

Speaking of OFB’s….they really need to retire.  These are the people stopping progress.  These are the people who think you are not working unless they can see you.  How stupid.  Of course you are working, but, you are also working on your Farms, Cities, and making new “Friends”.  Here is news for you OFB:  All of this “work” is happening under your sharp eye, fooled you.

The NEW bosses will give the employee a task.  They will give the employee a deadline to complete that task.  And they won’t give a shit where that work gets done.  THAT is the new order, the way work will be done in the future.

But why wait?  Do it now.

Be progressive, be an original thinker, dare to be different.

Pledge to TeleWork / Telecommute / Cowork for a week in February….experience the benefits firsthand.

Oh yeah:  Telecommuting = Coworking = TeleWork

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