Future of Video Conferencing from Corning

Got this Youtube link in an email this morning….although it is a Corning glass “infomercial” it shows us (at least partly) how video conferencing might evolve in the near future…using glass.


We already have videoconferencing on mobile smartphones, and on large walls in conference rooms, so the vision put forth by Corning, although very well done and interesting, is, at this time, just the next step in the evolution of videoconferencing.  (whew that was a complex sentence 🙂 )

I’m waiting for the next ground shaking video conferencing development…mobile, smartphone, video chat was predictable.  Implant in the brain?  Eyeglasses?  Application sharing, all encompassing video and audio experience (Cave like), by moving your eyeballs….or just thinking.  Complete, easy, interoperability between all devices now handling video calls.  Maybe cloud based (yes this is coming soon….)?  Robots that act as your avatars?

AH!  Here is an idea:  How about employers finally embracing TELECOMMUTING = COWORKING = TELEWORK ??

Geeezzz, people it is 2011 and the technology to work remotely is soooooo available.  Get off the roads, save time (the most precious of your resources), save gas, save money, save the environment, reduce traffic, reduce stress, increase productivity…..telecommuting is an absolute no brainer except the for the idiot OFB’s (Old Fashioned Bosses) who demand to see you at your desk……playing Farmville or chatting with your friends.

The paradigm of getting work done should change to project based.  “Here is your project…get it done by this date…..I don’t give a shit where, or how, you do it. “


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