Chrome 10, Firefox 4, IE 9 New Fast Browsers

UPDATE 12/9/2011:  Chrome printing is WAY improved, IE is shit, Firefox is still not as fast as Chrome.

Chrome started the lean fast browser thing.  As soon as I tried it, I was hooked, and I have not left since.

Now Firefox 4 and IE 9 are available and both are significantly faster (and leaner) than their previous incarnations.  I use Chrome 10 as my default browser, I use Firefox 4 as my “” browser, and I don’t use IE at all (but I will download and try IE 9).

I was breezing the Internet this morning and found this awesome report by the good folks at (I wonder if they need help?  THAT would be a fun job) comparing the three browsers wrt:

1. Interface

2.  Speed

3. Security and Privacy, Standards Support, and Extras

My Personal Experience

Between Firefox 4 and Chrome 10 I still feel like Chrome is faster (even though PCMag says otherwise).

I like Chrome’s look and feel (slim, trim, no bullshit).  The only issue I continue to have are:  printing sometimes is an issue, and no print preview.

I love the way I can set up my links in Chrome, how it holds my login information (or not, if I tell it not to), and the themes.

I will be staying with Chrome as my “default” browser.

I will download IE 9 and give it a whirl, but, I am not expecting much…so stay tuned, I’ll update this later.  OK, I downloaded it, then needed to restart my computer (don;t have to do that with either Chrome or Firefox).  It came up with the same old confusing array of menu bars I never installed (well, DUH, I never use it).  It (IE9) was faster than previous slower than snot IE versions, but, the interface is quite confusing and busy as hell…

I’ll stick with Chrome, thank you.



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