Memolane: An Introduction

Jonathan Yankovitch posted an email on the Coworking group with a link to Memolane.

I clicked on the link and……saw something REALLY cool!

If you have been reading my blogs, you pretty much know that I consider Twitter and Facebook as too temporary.  You post something, and somewhere between 5 seconds to a day later, it is gone.  And worse, it is dang hard to find older posts.

A Blog is better for longevity….that is why I continue to blog.  A simple “Search” or look thru the “Categories”….. you can find my very first blog entry way back in 2005 sometime….but not really sure of the date since I did not have Memolane……Still there, still very awesome.  🙂

In my life, I lose track of what happened when.  And it gets worse as I get older….shit. Sorry, but, even the new electronic form of storing information….with all the crap I come up with……can be cumbersome and hard to find.

Memolane (when I overcome my major concern with it, see below) can be the solution to all of my memory problems (both human and computer).

Apparently, I can set up a TIMELINE of videos, pictures, notes, comments, entries on Twitter, FB, blogs entries, etc.  Once on the timeline, I can simply go back to find it (I’m sure a search is possible).



From the 15 seconds I took to play with Memolane, I have a major concern giving them access to all my most precious sources of information.  Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.   I would much prefer to upload stuff, give it links, make comments live etc.

In other words:  I would like to upload only what I want to upload, and I really do not want applications with their fingers in my stuff.

Once I can get past that…I see Memolane in my future….

Here is a good theme song for them, I’m sure most of you now know this guy, back when Country was Country:


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