Starleaf Personal Telepresence Demo

Update:  Old (well not old…longtime) friend, David Maldow, wrote a more detailed article on Starleaf here.

Google+ friend CZoli posted a link to this video demo of Starleaf’s Personal Telepresence application (damn, we were FAR ahead of the time…see the ORIGINAL Personal Telepresence here).

The person running this demo is old friend Will McDonald.  I was supposed to go visit Starleaf in July….but…HEY, Starleaf…can I come out now to see your stuff?

Pretty sweet….

UPDATE:  After watching the video a few times, I am struck by the casual way Will, Abe, and Hadar are chatting with each other (for example…watch Hadar cover his face at one point).

THAT is the way EFFECTIVE video conferencing  SHOULD be!  Teams working together as if they were all in the same location….friends, colleagues!  No need to leave your office….AWESOME.


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