Starleaf Personal Telepresence Demo

Update:  Old (well not old…longtime) friend, David Maldow, wrote a more detailed article on Starleaf here.

Google+ friend CZoli posted a link to this video demo of Starleaf’s Personal Telepresence application (damn, we were FAR ahead of the time…see the ORIGINAL Personal Telepresence here).

The person running this demo is old friend Will McDonald.  I was supposed to go visit Starleaf in July….but…HEY, Starleaf…can I come out now to see your stuff?

Pretty sweet….

UPDATE:  After watching the video a few times, I am struck by the casual way Will, Abe, and Hadar are chatting with each other (for example…watch Hadar cover his face at one point).

THAT is the way EFFECTIVE video conferencing  SHOULD be!  Teams working together as if they were all in the same location….friends, colleagues!  No need to leave your office….AWESOME.


  • Hi Mike, the office is now open in Sunnyvale, was delayed so that we could paint the walls blue! You are welcome to come and have a demo / see the system close up. I will be back in mid December, Hellene is there all the time. Let us know what works for you.


  • How about December so I can see you all! ? Send me a good day for you and I’ll put it in my super full (not) calendar 🙂


  • I just posted this on Google+ responding to czoli and thought it might be good here as a comment for Starleaf:

    “At AltmontCowork ( we have NO phones (no money for phone lines…but also we are multiple very small businesses (1 or 2 people per company)). Everyone here uses their cell phone. Sooo, from my perspective an Android / Apple version on some kind of Mobile Device would be perfect. If I could connect my mobile device (and laptop) to a nice monitor like Will has…all the better.”


  • With the buzz and excitement over Starleaf…I will call Hellene and see it in October…besides…I can’t wait to ask the questions I need to ask and understand the entire configuration. 🙂