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This Thursday!!!!  A Google+ Hangout for video conferencing types like you! Join the conversation…..

Join David Maldow, Telepresence Options, and myself for a Google+ Hangout this Thursday!  Go here to see David’s article on Telepresence Options, or continue reading my copied version below.  Add me to your circles…….if you dare!  🙂

Telepresence Options has joined the Google+ community. Go ahead and circle us to get all the latest telepresence related news right in your Google+ feed.

While many people have yet to add Google+ to their social media stable, the tech community has embraced it whole-heartedly and the discussions there can be incredibly educational and fun. Google+ is the fastest social media network to reach 50 million users and does not appear to be slowing down (despite a few high profile predictions of its demise).

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Google has learned a lot from the failure of Buzz, its previous shot at social networking, and it appears to have gotten a lot right with Google+. The privacy controls were a serious shot across the Facebook bow, where it often feels like nothing is private. In essence, sharing through Google+ circles isn’t much different than sharing through Facebook lists, but it is all in the implementation. No one ever really seemed to like using Facebook lists, but creating and using Google+ circles just makes sense from the get go.
Google+ is also getting a lot of kudos for its excellent photo sharing capabilities. As a result, there is a fantastic community of photographers, videophiles, and artists there. Even if you are purely using Google+ for business, we recommend circling some of these people to add a little beauty to your stream.
Google Hangouts

Telepresence Options is particularly excited about Google Hangouts. Powered by Vidyo technology, it provides an excellent multipoint videoconferencing experience. Telepresence Options analysts have been unabashed fans of the Hangouts, using them to chat with old friends, and to discuss technology with other Google+ users.
In fact, this Thursday at 3:00 pm EST (12:00 pm PST) David Maldow from Telepresence Options, along with videoconferencing veteran Mike Pihlman from TelBitConsulting will be hosting a Hangout open to anyone interested in telepresence and videoconferencing.
The topic of the Hangout will be “Multipoint Meeting Creation Options: Calling Devices, Joining Rooms, or Calling People.” The topic is a loose starting point and we expect it to shift based on the interests of the people in the hangout. The only rule is no blatant sales pitches please.
So please follow us on Google+ and make sure to check our feed on Thursday for instructions on joining our first official Google+ Hangout!
See you Thursday!  🙂


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