Video Conferencing Goes The Way of the Fax

The video conferencing “room” of the future is here now.

The changes in the past two or three years have led to this blog post, even though, I have been saying this for many many years.  Ready?

I am sorry to say this (ehhh, maybe not), but, video conferencing users can say goodbye:

  • To fancy conference rooms where you have to travel to to video conference.  How stupid.
  • To high priced codecs and MCU’s.
  • To video conferencing consultants (me!) and analysts (you know who) who should start a re-training program to find continued employment.  (Coworking!  :-))
  • To many of the current video conferencing vendors who will be leaving us (bye…it’s been real!)
  • To conferences specializing on video conferencing.  They can make this year (maybe next) their TeleCon (who remembers TeleCon??) swan song (do any still exist?). When was the last Fax conference you went to?

The ability to meet visually with anyone, anytime, from anywhere… easy as pie… now here.

All the world needs is for the teens (or early 20’s) of today to make their mark in the work world, and all we (the old time video conferencing weenies) know as gospel will be gone, or vastly different.

Mobile vc will rule the world, cloud-based meetings will be the norm.

 Anyone, anytime, anywhere. (See my Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone blog entry here)

Young culture will force this change….

Video conferencing as we know it is going the way of the Fax….time to say Goodbye!

NOTE:  I just grabbed random pictures for this blog.  I have been saying this stuff way before the current vendors in this space were ever in business.  ie. I developed Personal Telepresence way back in 1992.  Oh yeah….I especially like the DINOSAUR…it is time for us old folks to make way for the new kids….the world is changing, just let it happen.  Enjoy your retirement.  🙂


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