McAfee Anti Virus Network Control Issue

Yesterday two of us spent at least an hour each trying to figure out another AltamontCowork members network issue.

Brand new laptop…DNS issue.

Normally, I can try one or two things, and get the computer working.  Not yesterday.  I quickly reached my limit, granted my limit, in that area,  is kinda shallow.

We finally threw our hands up in the air and suggested he go back to Best Buy where he bought the computer 36 days ago.

Instead of doing that, our coworker called his computer guru friend, who INSTANTLY knew what to do.  Uninstall the recently expired version of McAfee Anti-Virus that Best Buy had installed for him.

He did that and his Internet connectivity came back!

OK, in my opinion, if this in fact a McAfee issue (it sure is coincidental) then this is super BAD.

An anti-virus program stopping your Internet access (just because the time limit expired)?  I see how this could be a “nice” thing to do…..but….it should NEVER be done.  NEVER, NEVER….

Go here to download a FREE anti-virus program from the people who understand Windows better than anyone.


Computer guru friend, Cami (NNIS Computer and Network Support), sent me this link as a possible cause for this issue.

Reading the fixes I see they are very complicated for the average computer user.

Here is a simpler fix…..remove McAfee, as our coworker did, and install a free anti-virus program.


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