Yahoo Bans Telecommuting

OFB of Yahoo

My Definition:

OFB= An OLD FASHIONED BOSS who needs to get out of the way and let the “kids” of today take over and change the world.

Who thought my reviled OFB (see all my articles on telecommuting dating back to…..hmmmm, 1990!!) would look like that?

Truthfully, I had in mind old people like myself:  Wrinkled, set in their ways, backwards, ready to face retirement with glee.  But, wow, my perceptions of who an OFB is has been forever altered….not sure I can recover from this shock to my system.

Wow….shaking head….wow.

Time for OFB’s of all ages to step aside and get with the new world of work.  No sensible purpose is being served going back to the DARK AGES.

You can quote me on that….I’m too old to give a shit.


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