Internet Speed Testing

I spent a few minutes doing some Internet speed tests here at AltamontCowork.

I tested various configurations (wired vs wireless vs different wired jacks vs different wireless speeds). In other words I did a lot of testing……and had some FUN.

Here are my tests from this morning (the various options all worked about the same, or, as expected if they were different).

Interesting result:  The wireless 802.11n option working at 5 Ghz is line speed….VERY cool. I have a NetGear N900 wireless router.

I used Speakeasy and Comcast speed test (this morning I had Comcast Business 16 Meg down, and 3 Meg up).

SpeakEasy (wired)

speakeasy speed test

SpeakEasy (5G Wireless, 802.11n)

wireless 5 g members

Comcast (wired)

comcast speed test

Not bad, but, I remember a day—before I did some cost cutting—that I had screaming FAST Internet .  I decided to get that back, so I called Comcast and within 10 minutes I now had Comcast Business class with 50 Meg down, and 10 Meg up.

Comcast after Upgrade (wired or 5G 802.11n wireless….both the same!)

upgraded comcast


AltamontCowork once again has SCREAMING FAST…Internet access.  🙂


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