Vidyo Video Conferencing Deposition

My two worlds collided this week.  (Video conferencing and Coworking).

I rented the “Orange” Conference room for a deposition to an attorney located in Pennsylvania (we are in Tracy, CA).   AltamontCowork won the “bid” by having SCREAMING fast Internet access and having a cheap room to rent for the day.  I suspect the latter was the most important….:-)

I was going to handle the technical aspects of it, but, hey, I’m old and getting lazier and lazier so I handed off the technical stuff to the  NNIS Computer people here in Tracy, CA.  The owner, Cami, is a good friend and supporter of

We did a test last week and the real thing this morning.  Note:  The featured picture is from this morning with the lawyer on the video call.

Here are some pictures during the test of Steve in PA talking with Jared (NNIS) and myself.  You can see that Vidyo has REALLY good video quality….do I get paid for saying that?  haha

vidyo 1
vidyo 2
vidyo logo

I love it when worlds collide!

If you wanna see my Product Review (from 2009!) of Vidyo Desktop (complete with YouTube video!) go here.  If not….your loss.  haha


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