The Pope Uses Google Hangouts

Back in the day, I knew videoconferencing would reach the highest level of attention. Little did I know how high this technology would reach. Apparently, almost all the way to the top.

VERY cool !!!   Gotta love video conferencing.  

On Feb 5, 2015 Pope Francis held his second (see below for the video of his first hangout) Google Hangout meeting. This one was with special needs children from around the world.  Here is the video:

Here is a video of the Pontiff’s first Google Hangout (which, for you techies out there, now uses WebRTC for the video and audio interactive communication).

 Here is our Google Hangout of a few years ago…..lots of fun.

Click these links to the preparation blog and meeting blog.  But you can watch the video’s below.

Pre-Meeting Preparation

Google Hangout Meeting

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