Pixel XL vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Camera Comparision

Those of you follow this blog know that I love(d) my Samsung Galaxy Note 4.  

In addition to the Note 4 being reliable, fast, and rugged, I was especially impressed with the Note 4’s camera, which handled everything from low light concerts to bright light landscapes with equal aplumb.

Alas, time passes and my 2 year commitment was about to come to an end when I saw that Google was coming out with the Pixel & Pixel XL with early reviews raving about the Pixels camera. That, coupled with the promise of the latest and greatest version of Android, sealed the deal.  

I just had to get a Pixel XL. 

And…. I did. 

Since the Pixel XL camera was of primary interest, as soon as I unboxed the Pixel XL, I ran a couple of quick tests, taking pictures with both the Note 4 and Pixel XL.  

Here are the results:

Note 4 Blaze

Pixel XL Blaze

Blaze and Pool Note 4 at dusk

Blaze and Pool Pixel XL at dusk


The Pixel XL camera seems to have deeper color and sharper edges. But, they are pretty close in overall quality. 

Hopefully, these pictures uploaded with enough resolution so you can research them for yourselves. (Hopefully, I got the right ones 😏 I will check when I turn on my computer)

Comment below which you like best. 

Geek on! 😎

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