Beta Testing Digital Wellbeing

Having loaded Android Pie on my 2016 Pixel XL,  I thought it might be fun to Beta test Digital Wellbeing.

I was wrong.

But, before I explain why, here is a quick overview of what I think the well-intentions of Digital Wellbeing are:

If you have zero self-control, Digital Wellbeing will give you notifications that you seriously have no self-control.

In the few moments when you have self-control, you can set a limit of your time on any number of apps, including, but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (I know someone who could limit his time!!!), etc etc.

Digital Wellbeing will time you and if you, being you, with no self-control, are happily on Facebook for example, Digital Wellbeing will tell you when you are getting close to getting shut off. As you type furiously to meet your self-imposed deadline (the one you set in a rare moment of self-control), it will then give you a 1 minute warning…..SHIT…….keep typing, Mike, now faster….FASTER.  CRAP…….Facebook is gone.  DAMN.

Wellbeing?  Stress is more like it.  Arrrrghhhhh……..

And to top it off, I am a stats freak.  I check my blog stats CONSTANTLY (and Giants won lost? Belts batting average, Crawford is in a slump, Political Polls which are useless, etc).  With Digital Wellbeing, I checked the minutes I spent on my phone CONSTANTLY: How many times did I unlock my phone, how many HOURS did I spend on my phone (4 hours? Are you f-ing kidding me), how long did I spend in Google Keep, Robo Defense (1 hour….are you kidding me?), Sudoku, Chrome……..Aaaaahhhhhhh…..OMG, I need to cut down….nobody is on their phone for 4 freakin hours!  I NEED TO CUT BACK…..BUT…..I NEED TO LOOK SOMETHING UP……STAY OFF the PHONE, Mike……you have no self control, you are weird (hmmmm, that last one is mostly true).

Wellbeing?  Stress is more like it.  Arrrrrgghhhh……..

I un-installed Digital Wellbeing and, in addition to my blood pressure normalizing, I had a stroke of creativity (instead of worrying about every freakin minute I was on my phone) and wrote this blog.

Whew……so happy to be free.

Hey, Lori….when is my psychiatrist appointment?  😉

Geek on!

Seriously though….Digital Wellbeing works really well…no apparent problems during my testing. But, it IS gone from my Pixel XL (thus no screenshots….). 😉


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