Cool Technology: Tesla Dog Mode

How many times have you heard, or read, on the news about a dog passing away locked in a hot car? In California, you can break the car’s window if you think a pet is in distress, but, other states, people may not have this option.

Tesla seems to have come up with a solution….

Apparently, a Tesla customer made a request for a feature like this, and here it is in the Model 3 only, but, according to other sites, other models will follow.

Good work, Tesla!

Looking at the video, the Tesla’s air conditioning system is engaged when your pet is in the car. A screen tells a would be good-samaritan that the pet is fine, that you will return soon, and that the inside temperature is whatever you set it to be.

If the Model 3 battery gets low, you get a text.

No more broken windows and the pet is cool and comfortable. 🙂

Cool stuff!

Blaze would be happy and I would be happy if I could afford a Tesla. 😉

Geek on!


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