NASA’s AstroBee: An Autonomous Floating Robot

Checking out some technology news, I found this video and short explanation of the work NASA is doing in the area of autonomous robotics on the Space Station and beyond. Very cool! 🙂

Here is a quick explanation of AstroBee copied from this NASA article:

“Astrobee, NASA’s new free-flying robotic system, will help astronauts reduce time they spend on routine duties, leaving them to focus more on the things that only humans can do. Working autonomously or via remote control by astronauts, flight controllers or researchers on the ground, the robots are designed to complete tasks such as taking inventory, documenting experiments conducted by astronauts with their built-in cameras or working together to move cargo throughout the station. In addition, the system serves as a research platform that can be outfitted and programmed to carry out experiments in microgravity – helping us to learn more about how robotics can benefit astronauts in space.”

While you are here, NASA has a STEM Engagement web page.

I will spend more time investigating NASA’s STEM related activities and report back here. 🙂

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