Moving Google Play Music to Youtube Music

As you may have heard…..Google Play Music is going to be discontinued sometime later this year (no specific dates that I could find) and Youtube Music will be the go to place for your Google-fied music collection.

I have been trying to find out how to move my Google Play Music to Youtube Music for a few months, but, yesterday…finally….I found out how to do it.

And it worked!

At least so far……

Here is what I did:

I downloaded the latest version of the Youtube music app on my Pixel 3 XL

I went to this web site (on my Pixel, using Chrome):

I logged into my Google account

Selected transfer

I was done! All I had to do now was wait.

I got this on my screen:

Not long after, only a few minutes) I got an email:

I then went into Youtube Music to check my “library”:

Note that I had to go into “UPLOADS” to see my library now…..

Checking / comparing my old Google Play Music library:

I have no idea who Bob Acri is…..but….all the others looked like they transferred… I don’t care 🙂

I then played “Horsepower” by the late great Chris LeDoux and it worked!

I sent Chris over to our Bluetooth Bose speaker and, again…it worked!


Sometime this year, probably close to when we have a vaccine for coronavirus and a president who actually has a brain…..Google will discontinue Google Play Music and force you to use Youtube Music.

Lori uses Google Play music A LOT (while I listen to her music on the Bluetooth speaker….and yes… is Country!), so what I did here, with my account, is simply an experiment / test.

Check back for updates as I learn more…..

Geek On!


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