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Update Sept 9, 2022: Google announced that it has completed the helpful content update as of today. My traffic this week has crashed, so we will see if it picks up, or if this Google update is not going to help. I’m not hopeful. 😦

Update August 29, 2022: Daily traffic is too granular to track. BUT…..weekly traffic is better, and if I am patient, monthly and yearly would be even better (see way below).

At the end of last week (1 minute to midnight, August 28, 2022) here are the first full weekly stats for, and under the new algorithm.

You can see increases on all three due, I think, to the new Google Search Algorithm finding real people not just SEO…….NOTE: I never paid attention to SEO, preferring to write to educate, even if my readers were just you and a few others. 🙂

I will continue to monitor for the next two months and see if there are any more changes.

Geek on! 🙂

ForCarol (week of Aug 22 thru Aug 28, 2022)

TechyMike (week of Aug 22 thru Aug 28, 2022)

TracyReaderDad (week of Aug 22 thru Aug 28, 2022)

For some reason TRD traffic increased dramatically a few weeks before I was aware of the search change…..maybe Google was testing?

Update August 20, 2022: Unless a coincidence is happening, I am seeing increased traffic on all 3 blogs (on a Saturday!). I will continue to monitor.

I read on this Google blog, that starting the week of August 22, 2022 Google will be changing their search algorithm to find blogs and web sites written by real people.

Being a real person, I decided to grab some screen shots of all the blog stats that matter to me:,, and to see if, after August 22, 2022, my stats go up, or down.

Since they can’t go any lower than they have been for the past few years, no loss.

But…..if the new algorithm finds my blogs and AND if the traffic increases…..

Well…..that’s a good thing…..right?

We will see.

The following stats were snap-shotted on August 19, 2022.

















I will track the usage stats over the next few months to see if traffic increases, decreases, or stays the same.

Geek on!

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