Taking a Break From Facebook: Creativity Returns

Being TechyMike, I always try to be on the leading edge (with a few noteable exceptions chronicled in this blog). 

As such, I was eager to jump on Social Media when it started, and have been active ever since. 

But, being TechyMike, also means I am, by nature, an introvert tending towards long hours of deep contemplation…..alone. That is probably why long distance running was so appealing, and now walking. And reading.  

Alone time. Time when my brain is free to access it’s inner creativity. 

Social media, in particular, Facebook, has it’s value ( or perceived value, more on that in a future blog), but, is fundamentally against my nature. 

With over 100 “friends” I found myself following over 100 lives, 100 interests, 100 people’s good times and sad times, 100 opinions,   Arrrrgggghhhhh……

Where is MY alone time?  Is aging the reason my creativity has virtually disappeared?  Or is it something else? Something anti-natural? 

I am taking a break from Facebook.

 And since I have started the withdrawal, my mind has been set free!  Look at the frequency of blog posts on TechyMike….a sudden burst of ideas after years of sporadic activity. 

Creativity, quiet contemplation followed by action, are returning. 

It is not age, it is living MY life, naturally. 


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