Blogging Increases Views to Your Web Site

I fired up TechyMike in April 2014 thinking ahead to the time when AltamontCowork might go away.  At that time, I just grabbed the domain name, set up a quick, free, web site / blog and pretty much ignored it.

As the demise of AltamontCowork came closer to reality, I posted a few random blogs on TechyMike, but, still did not pay much attention to TechyMike until the final decision on AltamontCowork was made in November 2014.

The Value of Blogging

Once I started to get serious posting blogs, you can see the upshift in views (light blue) and visits (dark blue) starting in November 2014.  And that upshift in readership continues to this day (Jan 30, 2015) as I am now posting 6 or 7 blogs per month (I am NOT advertising the site or TechyMike so this increased readership is primarily from blogging).

blog stats monthly since august

I still have one more day in January and have already gone past 1,000 views for the month.


If you set up a web site and just leave it alone, pretty much nothing will happen.  If you don’t advertise or market………the very least you should do is blog!

PS: This is my 7th blog this month….


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