Using Adobe Photoshop Elements 15

Our nonprofit (, my book review blog,, and this blog need the assistance of Photoshop, almost on a daily basis.  BUT…..since I am now fully “retired”, we have to conserve as much as possible, and being on a fixed income (the blogs only cost me money), the $9.99 a month is not something I can afford long term.

In the past year or two, I have been using Photoshop CC for $9.99 a month.  While, for most people, that is not a lot of money for the bang, it is more than we can currently afford. And will cancel the subscription if Elements 15 can do the job for me.  (I am hoping to keep Adobe Stock when I cancel my cloud subscription where I can get photos for $9.99 each….see the banner for two of them).

Sooooooo, I am looking at getting back to my roots with Photoshop Elements. Will it work?

Version 7 was the last version I had, and it was ok, not great. Since Adobe is now up to version 15, the question is: Will it do everything I need it to do, with adequate quality?  Lets see.  (For $69.99, I will break even in slightly over 7 months vs the cloud subscription.  Not bad, then I can start saving for version 16. 🙂

UPDATE 11/3/17: Hint:  To make a jpg, png, gif that comes out full resolution at say, 600 x 300 pixels on your blog, you have to make the Elements 15 file at least 1200 x 600 then save it for the web as 600 x 300.  Rather stupid, but, I am used to it now.  Also, the new version is now Elements 2018, not 16.

Photoshop CC vs PhotoShop Elements 15

Just want to compare the quality on the web…..I am NOT a graphic artist, so be kind.  🙂

PhotoShop CC

PhotoShop Elements 15

Photoshop CC

Photoshop Elements 15


It looks like I can do pretty much everything I need to do with PhotoShop Elements 15 that I can do with PhotoShop CC….and MORE.

Elements is made for consumers so it has some pretty neat little things one can do with “canned” programs in Elements that a PhotoShop user would have to manually do.

I actually think it will be better for me, and cheaper in the long run.

Geek on!


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