Category: Cool Tech

Motorola XOOM

Looks like this new tablet from Motorola may cut into the sales of the iPad. Can you hear me know?   Kinda late….but, maybe better late than never applies. It uses the Android 3.0 operating system. I hear it comes with two cameras, one front facing for video […]

Toshiba Android Tablet

It looks like Toshiba is coming out soon with an Android based tablet.  I love Toshiba computers!  See the header picture to see my “Old Faithful” Toshiba laptop (6 years old and still going strong), and am writing this on my new Satellite A665.  Lori and Kristen both […]

iPad Apps for Women

Breezing thru the Internet, I ran across an interesting article discussing the lack of information on the web pertaining to iPad apps for women.  Tons of stuff for guys, mostly geek guys…but very little for women. Looking at the article, I was surprised to find out it was […]

Google Chrome Web Store

Cloud Cool Another day, another cool new technology thingy from Google. If you ever wondered how you could live in the cloud, today’s introduction of the “chrome web store” may provide the beginnings of an answer. But only the beginnings… Using Chrome (the only browser that works) you […]

3D Display by Sony

Surfing the web for cool stuff, this article on Telepresence Options caught my eye. The uses for “holographic” videoconferencing…long a dream….are pretty obvious.  I would suspect that the need for 8 cameras around the users would be a drawback, but, heck, if you can afford a fancy telepresence […]

Google Dumps Wave

So maybe I am a late breaking blog?  How funny.  On that note:  Did anyone see the effects of the solar storm?  I did not. Anyway….I was reading ComputerWorld online today and saw that Google has dropped WAVE. No surprise there. AltamontCowork member, Phil, and I played with […]