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  • Taking A ScreenShot with Android

    Taking A ScreenShot with Android

    Got a Samsung (I have an S4) Android phone and need to take a screenshot? Here is how you do it. Hold the power button down and  the main / home button on the bottom of the phone…SIMULTANEOUSLY Look in your pictures….. Easy as 3.14. Here is a GREAT video from Android Authority that covers more […]

  • Texting is Not My Thing: Using the SwiftKey Keyboard

    (accurate, good looking, solid feel) – OK, I love my Android Motorola Smartphone, but, when it comes to texting….I suck. I text with one finger (the way I used to type way back when typewriters were the thing), and constantly have to go back and correct my mistakes. Fat fingers.  🙂 I spotted this article […]

  • Google+ Hangout Video Conferencing Meeting, Part 2

    Updated: 3/31/2020 during the coronavirus pandemic. Stay Safe! Google+ Hangout is the PERFECT way for ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYPLACE  to video conference.  It is FREE, you can meet with up to 10 friends, and the quality is awesome (for a free service).  The technology behind this is from Vidyo. I will shut-up and let the video […]

  • Google+ Hangout Video Conferencing Meeting, Part 1

    Before any good, errrr…..AWESOME meeting, there is preparation.   That is especially the case with a video conference.  The initiators of the video conference must work diligently to make sure the meeting goes off without a hitch. No joking around….deadly serious business.  If you want to get involved in video conferencing and put on an […]