Google Chromebooks

Samsung Chromebook   Acer Chromebook   Google announced today the availability of their new Google “Chromebook” laptop like computers that will be at Best Buy and starting June 15th. These are laptop like devices that connect to, and use, the “cloud” for everything you do. They are pricey….anywhere from $350 or so to almost $500.  There are special monthly subscription plans for businesses, gov’t, … Continue reading Google Chromebooks

VUDU Adds Glee and Modern Family

 (Our VUDU) As my loyal reader….you know what I feel about VUDU (and here, and here).   Also see our movie reviews on, a lot of what we watch is on VUDU. Now that VUDU is embedded in new TV’s, Blu-Ray players, etc., you no longer need the separate box that we have.  There is also the ability to connect to Facebook, Twitter, and … Continue reading VUDU Adds Glee and Modern Family

Memolane: An Introduction

Jonathan Yankovitch posted an email on the Coworking group with a link to Memolane. I clicked on the link and……saw something REALLY cool! If you have been reading my blogs, you pretty much know that I consider Twitter and Facebook as too temporary.  You post something, and somewhere between 5 seconds to a day later, it is gone.  And worse, it is dang hard to … Continue reading Memolane: An Introduction

Cisco Flips the Flip

I ran across this article in the NY Times this morning and found it interesting. Why is it interesting? I’ll tell you why:  In 2007, the Flip camcorder was the latest cutting edge technology.  It sold like hot cakes, and the big players came out with their own versions. 2007 was 4 years ago.  Yikes!  ONLY 4 years ago… Now…the Flip is pretty much obsolete … Continue reading Cisco Flips the Flip

Heytell Push To Talk App on iPhone and Android

Been hearing a lot of buzz about Heytell, so I decided to give it a whirl. Interestingly, I forwarded the information to Kristen and she, surprise surprise, wanted to give it a try with me! She downloaded the app on her iPhone, while I downloaded it on my HTC Aria android phone.  We both stayed in WiFi connection during this test… After a minute or … Continue reading Heytell Push To Talk App on iPhone and Android

Future of Video Conferencing from Corning

Got this Youtube link in an email this morning….although it is a Corning glass “infomercial” it shows us (at least partly) how video conferencing might evolve in the near future…using glass. VERY COOL. We already have videoconferencing on mobile smartphones, and on large walls in conference rooms, so the vision put forth by Corning, although very well done and interesting, is, at this time, just the … Continue reading Future of Video Conferencing from Corning