iPad 2 and Video Conferencing

Steve Jobs (YES!) announced today that the iPad 2 will be released March 11th. I went to the spec page, grabbed the screen shots,  and tried to learn a bit more about the cameras (yes there are now two) and video conferencing capabilities. The iPad 2 will come in two flavors:  WiFi only (802.11a/b/g/n) and WiFi + 3G (looks like both AT&T and Verizon).  It will … Continue reading iPad 2 and Video Conferencing

Facebook Video Chat

I tried video chat (video conference) via Facebook about a year ago…it sucked. Now…the good folks at PCMag.com tell me that the co-founder of RealNetworks, Rob Glaser, has developed a new Facebook video chat (video call) application called “SocialEyes“. Very clever name. But it remains to be seen how well it works….you know me…Mr. Skeptical. I’ll give it a whirl sometime when I get the … Continue reading Facebook Video Chat

Motorola XOOM

Looks like this new tablet from Motorola may cut into the sales of the iPad. Can you hear me know?   Kinda late….but, maybe better late than never applies. It uses the Android 3.0 operating system. I hear it comes with two cameras, one front facing for video chats (video conferencing) and taking pictures of yourself easily, and one rear facing (higher resolution). Hmmm, does … Continue reading Motorola XOOM

Google Docs Application Sharing

Note:  Fast forward to time 5:48 to see how you can share a doc. This past week, I tried something new:  Joleen and I worked remotely, but, together, on a proposal we submitted for a new project. In the old days, application sharing (working together on a document) with video conferencing stuff was unheard of. WebEx (and others) came along to make application sharing a … Continue reading Google Docs Application Sharing

iPad Apps for Women

Breezing thru the Internet, I ran across an interesting article discussing the lack of information on the web pertaining to iPad apps for women.  Tons of stuff for guys, mostly geek guys…but very little for women. Looking at the article, I was surprised to find out it was written by AltamontCowork full-time member, Joleen Ruffin!   In that article, Joleen then rectifies the lack of … Continue reading iPad Apps for Women

Google Chrome Web Store

Cloud Cool Another day, another cool new technology thingy from Google. If you ever wondered how you could live in the cloud, today’s introduction of the “chrome web store” may provide the beginnings of an answer. But only the beginnings… Using Chrome (the only browser that works) you can go here and download any number of free (or fee) apps. Very cool. These apps cover … Continue reading Google Chrome Web Store