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  • Cutting the Cord

    Cutting the Cord

    Introducing a NEW series on  “Cutting the Cord”. I have talked about some of the shifts in technology (Videoconferencing, HDTV, Wireless Networking, Digital TV, Blu-Ray, etc) in this blog, and guess what?  The technology world is once again on the verge of a major shift: This time in the area of visual content viewing. […]

  • Google Cardboard Virtual Reality

    Google Cardboard Virtual Reality

    Google Cardboard has been around for a year or two.  Until now, I followed the progress of Virtual Reality with great interest, but, had not yet played with VR of any kind, soooooo, I decided to give it a test drive! Not having a ton of money, I did a search for the Google Cardboard […]

  • Apple Watch

    Apple Watch

    A few years ago, I lost my watch and searched everywhere for it.  No luck.  But, since I had a smartphone, I decided that I could live without my watch. Interestingly, at about the same time, the whole world decided that watches were passe. But as is the case in life eventually good things come […]

  • 2015 International CES

    2015 International CES

    GEEK heaven.  TechyMike will plan on going next year!   — — The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) runs this year, in Las Vegas, from Jan 5 (for Keynotes and such) while the exhibit floor will be open Jan 6 thru 9. The CES traditionally is THE place for consumer facing vendors (see, I still […]