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  • Comcast Buys NBC

    Interesting development this morning as Comcast purchased NBC Universal from General Electric. The technology mergers continue.  In recent weeks we have seen the marriages of Tandberg and Cisco, Logitech and Lifesize, and now Comcast and NBC.  Very interesting times… A NY Times article says: “Almost immediately, the transaction reshapes the nation’s entertainment industry, giving a […]

  • Comcast Tracy, CA Adds More HD Channels

    This past week, Comcast in Tracy, CA added a bunch of  new HD channels to their line-up and moved several around. Here is the current list: 903–KCRA NBC904–KQCA My58906–KVIE PBS908–KTXL Fox910–N10HD ABC912–KMAX CW31913–KOVR CBS914–HGTV915–NGCHD (National Geographic)916–HISHD (The History Channel)917–NFLHD918–A&EHD920–CSNHD (Comcast Bay Area Sports)921–CSNCD (Comcast Bay Area Sports)922–HDT Discovery HD Theater923–ESPND (ESPN)924–ES2HD (ESPN2) 925-GOLFD (Golf) 926–TNTHD […]

  • Sony Blu-Ray Player Review

    Rating:  4 WaterTowers For Christmas this year before we run out of money (remember starving blogger and substitute teacher) my wife gave me a Sony Blu Ray player. Prices have come down and apparently she got a really good deal at Best Buy in Tracy, CA.  She also purchased a few movies to watch (Batman, […]

  • Internet Movies and Blu Ray

    I’ve been thinking.   A very dangerous thing, I know.  But I was wondering how the likes of VUDU (see my review), AppleTV, the Blockbuster (see my blog entry) and NetFlix (see my blog entry)  streaming video players will effect (hmmm, is that right?  effect, affect?) the life of Blu-Ray.   A few weeks ago, […]