Blu-Ray or HD-DVD

UPDATE January 29, 2019:  12 years later, we know which technology won this race!  🙂  Streaming was not even a dream when I wrote this.  😉  “Tech Detective” was my “name” when I published in magazines… fun to see this again.  

In the old days, we asked “VHS or Beta” ? Now we are asking “Blu-Ray or HD-DVD”?

The choice between VHS and Beta was relatively clear cut. The quality of Beta was better, while the cost of VHS was lower. VHS won.

Today, the choice between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD is a bit harder. Both give great video and audio quality. HD-DVD is less expensive, but that does not seem to be the major factor this time around.

The differences this time are twofold:

  1. The movie studios are picking sides. Some, like Disney and Sony (the originator of Blu-Ray technology and also Beta), burn their movies only for Blu-Ray. Others, like Universal and Paramount have picked HD-DVD.
  2. Also in the mix are the computer folks who were not a factor the last time. Microsoft has picked HD-DVD while Apple has sided with Blu-Ray. Arrrghhh..

Both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray play your existing DVD’s and will upconvert the video quality to give as good a picture as possible on your HDTV.

Tech Detective (TechyMike) says: Up-converting gives you a pretty darn good picture.

What do you do?

Tech Detective (TechyMike) suggests: Nothing.

Eventually, something will happen, either there will be two “standards” and the content providers / movie studios will burn movies to either (some already do that), or the players that play both standards will become more available / affordable (some of these players exist now too, see this LG unit). Or Blu-Ray or HD-DVD will win and the other will go the way of Beta.

Only time will tell. In the meantime, check out CNET’s opinion.



    1. Thanks for finding one of my first blog entries! It was fun taking a stroll back in time. I just gave that blog entry an “update”. Thanks again for finding this. 😀😀😀😎

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