Tel Bit Consulting has arrived!

The day has finally arrived, well almost, a few short hours.

Tel Bit Consulting, Yeoldetechy, has opened for business in Tracy, CA.

Do you hear the fireworks? People screaming? Hmmm, neither do I.

Shortly, right here on these pages there will appear–as if by magic–new articles, product reviews, opinions, and more. So stay tuned and check back often.

I have opened a new web site:

Please visit that site for more information and additional reading (I’d say interesting, insightful, witty, thought provoking, educational, and just plain wonderful….but…)

Also, so you know, a lifelong dream is beginning to happen (in addition to Tel Bit)…that is I MAY be substitute teaching as a first step (of many, it turns out) toward becoming a real full fledged teacher! I had to semi-retire to get to the point of taking that first step….check my speeling and grandma…. LATE BREAKING NEWS: I will be substitute teaching in the Jefferson School District in Tracy

Book Reviews can be accessed through the new web site ( as well and via the Tracy Press Blog section. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” is up there now…..

Thank you all for visiting….if you need technical assistance…no problem too small (blinking VCR light?)….give me a call or write.


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