Billy Crystal is a Yankee!

OK, this is not “technical” except for the the YouTube video, which is pretty grainy. I give it 1.5 WaterTowers for quality.

But in case you did not know; YeOldeTechy grew up on Long Island and lived and breathed the Yankees as a kid. My Yankees: Mantle, Maris, Skowron, Kubek, Boyer, White, Richardson, Lopez, Ford….I was obsessed….later it was Munson, Pepitone, even up to Reggie and Willie Randolph…..

Last year I was in Oakland watching the “new” Yankees play the A’s….I was so broken up I could hardly keep from crying…hmmmm, I actually did. It was 46 years (I think) prior to that that that I sat in my last game at Yankee Stadium watching the Yankees with my Dad….I lost it….

I would give anything in the world to strike out like Crystal did today. Actually, Bobby Richardson was my hero (along with Roy White) so I would have dinked it to right for a single…..oh well, he is famous…I am not.

Enjoy the video…


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