Cell Phone Earpieces

“Hello, how are you” says the stranger you just walked by.

“I’m fine, how are you?” you reply.

The stranger gives you the evil eye as he or she continues talking.

You feel like a dork.

My daughter, Kristen, and I have been thinking about how the world will look with millions of people wandering around seemingly talking to no one.

I must say, this is yet another weird direction the world is heading where people simply cannot disconnect from their electronic devices.

And, to me, people really look stupid with those earpieces. We need a new accessory to complete the picture….a big red light on top of their heads to let you know they are on the phone.


In a previous blog entry I voiced my concern about brain cancer and cell phone use. Bluetooth technology is, again, a microwave technology working in the 2.4 GHz range with powers ranging from 1 mW to 100mW (1 to 100 thousandths of a watt). These are very small power numbers to be sure, but, remember this device is near a hole that leads to your brain…your ear.

I would be very careful about using these devices for long periods of time.


Relax, slow down, turn off….your life will be much richer in more ways than just money.


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