OK, a few weeks ago, I signed up for LinkedIn. I entered a few bits of information and was invited by one person to join their network. I did nothing else.

At the time, I decided that LinkedIn was a grown-up version of Facebook or MySpace. Even though I have a MySpace page I did not take that much frther than just putting in links to this Blog and my Book Review Blog.

Well, today, I spent some time on LinkedIn and actually invited a few people to join my network. Funny thing is….apparently, many of them are now employees or former employees of Tel Bit Consulting. That being the case, I am sorry to inform you all that I will have to let you all go due to lack of funding. Sorry.

On the bright side, I found about 20 people I have known and worked with (or became friends with) in the past few years (and a few who started in this business so many years ago, I will not mention) who may still remember YeOldeTechy when I was YeYoungTechy. I invited them to join Tel Bit Consulting or Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.

Pretty cool. We will see how this evolves over time. It will actually be nice to hear from a few of the old old friends from way back…..if they accept.


LinkedIn needs to improve the invite usability, at least for me. I invited “colleagues”, which to me means anyone I worked with while I was at LBL or now at Tel Bit Consulting. My good friend Ira called and gave me the low down on my mistake (he l-o-v-e-s doing that) and that he now works for Tel Bit Consulting…… I fired him. Hmmmm, that felt really good actually.


Go here to get LinkedIn….tell them YeOldeTechy sent you.



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