YeOldeTechy Virus Hunter

OK…..I’m getting good at this, but, I should not have to do this at all.

Elimination of virus infections on Windows Computers.

With my handy-dandy 1 Gig dongle filled with virus killing software I visited a small business in Tracy today and spent 4 hours scanning, killing, and making everything work on this persons Windows XP Professional computer.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

The computer user was surfing the web when a pop-up alerted him/her to the fact that their computer was infected (with moving bugs…how cool). Click on the link to pay for and download virus protection software…only $49.95. Hmmmmmm, well $109.00 later, and now fully infected, the user realized that clicking on the pop-up may have been a bad idea.

RULE #1: NEVER click on a pop-up…..NEVER. Practice safe computing….always.

Once YeOldeTechy Virus Hunter was on-site, I discovered that the Admin login has NO password….this allows hackers free access to your computer….Neon Sign: I’m not protected, even a little bit…hack me!

RULE #2: Password protect all your login’s. And make that password HARD to guess. easypassword…….h%ArD#5PaS$w0rd&&

Also, there was no virus protection software on this computer.

RULE #3: Buy (yes, buy) decent virus protection software and install it on your computer. Norton Anti-virus or McAfee are perfectly decent. AVG makes a good free product, as does TrendMicro.

Microsoft has a free spyware program…Defender.

RULE #4: Download and use Windows Defender. Who else knows Windows as well as Microsoft.


Surf wisely, and proactively protect your computer. It’s a nasty world out there……be safe.


See this interesting article about what web domains are the most dangerous.


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