Western Digital My Book 1 TeraByte Drive

For Fathers Day I received a couple of books (Sue Grafton’s “K” and “L”) a really cool sign for my yard (Free Weeds: Pick Your Own), and a badly needed expansion of our computer storage capacity: a Western Digital “My Book” 1 terabyte external hard drive with USB 2.0.

To me, it is amazing that 1 TB is now available at the desktop. And even more amazing is that my wife paid “only” $199.00 at Best Buy. Times sure have changed since I designed in the very latest and greatest technology: a 1 k RAM memory chip in our “Pseudo Psynthetic Video” project at Grumman Aerospace many years ago.

My Need

Lately I have been dabbling in high resolution picture taking (see my California Photo page on my web site) and producing Oscar winning videos which sometimes end up on YouTube. These new hobbies take a lot of disk space. So I needed to expand. After seeing the WD My Book, I knew that the solution to my hard drive capacity woes had a solution.

Using the My Book

The WD My Book is compact and easy to move around. It takes up less space than my Bram Stoker 5 Novels book from Barnes & Noble. Way less.

There is a power connection and a USB 2.0 connection. That’s it…..simple and easy.

I plugged in the power and connected the USB to the 1 TB drive then to my Toshiba laptop. Within a short amount of time, Windows found the hard drive and I was ready to do some backups.

I used Heatsoft ADCS as my backup software of choice. I have been using it for several years now and have found it to be A. Easy to Use and B. Reliable. A great product.

I made some new folders on the My Book and ran the Heatsoft backup. Everything worked great, and my Toshiba is now fully backed up and ready to backup again at the touch of a button at least once a week, maybe more.

I then moved the My Book to the Dell home computer and did the same. After about 4 hours (we have a lot to back up since that is where most of my movies and pictures reside) I had that fully backed up on the WD My Book.

After all that, I still have over 800 Gig of space left on the My Book.



The My Book has so far proven itself to be a winner. It is quiet, compact, easy to set up and easy to use. Hopefully it will provide years of service.


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