Telecommuting and the Tracy Virtual Office

UPDATE 8/14/08: Well, after spending the money, I only had 3 people express an interest in the TVO…I have had to drop the idea for lack of interest. Either many people already telecommute (Yeah!) or they are content to spend money, gas, and time on the road.


Today, July 14, 2008, we (my wife and I) ushered in a new era.

Never before have we plunked down money (how funny that the most anti-environmental President ever is helping fund this) to advertise and to push a particular idea. But we think the times and circumstances have caught up with our ideas and that Telecommuting may now be something people will (or should!), finally, take a serious look at.

Due to my great graphic artist skills (I use Adobe Photoshop Elements) I developed what I think is a pretty cool advertisement to be placed on the web site of the Tracy Press (which as you may know, my daughter and I both write for on a volunteer basis). They get over 100,000 visitors per month (far greater than YeOldeTechy’s web sites) and many of them, I’m sure, are commuters.

The Tracy Virtual Office is an old idea but in a modern form. The old idea of a Neighborhood Telecommute Center never took off. Traffic was not bad, gas was cheap, and no one was aware of global warming, terrorism, and to top it off…..connectivity was really kinda bad.

Times have changed.

Telecommuting from home, or from a Neighborhood Telecommute Center, like the TVO, is becoming more appealing now (I see an increase in searches for “telecommuting” and more people hitting the TVO web site and Telecommuting articles than ever before) that gas is approaching $5.00 per gallon, the freeways are clogged, global warming is already past a tipping point, and to top it off…….bandwidth and connectivity is plentiful and easy to get (and videoconferencing over the Internet is commonplace).

Time to change, time to telecommute!!! Spread the word.

Oh yeah….If you want to sponsor the TVO (I know many of the people reading this Blog are in the VC / Collaboration space)….call me! The more interest we get….the faster we can put it together.


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